Sunday, August 06, 2006

What A Joy She Is......

What a joy Libby is to have around.
Sherman and Libby are the best buds already. Libby sometimes chooses to sleep on the bed next to Sherman. That's on the floor. What a big change in a week or so. The first night here she had to sleep under our pillows on the bed.

She has started to initiate playing and Sherman is loving it. She has discovered the tennis ball but doesn't always know what to do with it.
Sherman will teach her.

We are watching another dog this weekend that likes to play. She is going to have a blast.This is a Lab that was also rescued.
He(Duke) will be here for the weekend. We will send photos.

We took her swimming in the lake last night. She loved every minute of it.
She jumped off from the pier after Sherman.
Libby was on a very long leash but Sherman was free to go. I wish that I would have had the camera.
She is a great addition to our family and she is slowly getting over her fear of everything. We watched the dog whisperer the other night and he had a dog that had a lot of fear just as Libby does. He took her rollerblading down a busy city street and she had no fear. He said to get rid of the fear by letting the dog get some good exercise to help them focus on other things. Believe it or not it really does work.

Thanks so much for letting Libby come into our home.


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